#MoldcellFoundation at 1st Anniversary. A Year of even more INVOLVEMENT!

Moldcell Foundation celebrates the first year of its activity, in which it has gathered projects with, about and for people. A platform that unites all initiatives and projects in the field of social and corporate responsibility. It wasn’t easy, but through common efforts, we became more united. We remained connected to people’s needs, granted financial support to the least advantaged, and responded promptly to all the challenges that appeared on our road.

Nirvana Chaudhary, Moldcell Foundation President, Chaudhary Foundation Vice-President and Chaudhary Group CEO

“We are so happy that Moldcell Foundation activity in each of its projects reflects the CG Corp Global philosophy about the human face of any business. Moldcell Foundation 1st year was a great contribution to the social development of Moldova and we will continue investing into making a positive impact in this beautiful country.”

Irina Strajescu, Moldcell Foundation Vice-president

“The 1st year of Moldcell Foundation was remarkable. In terms of the projects we’ve managed to launch, in terms of the people’s lives we’ve positively touched and in terms of the great partnerships that gave birth to fantastic ideas and their realization. I want to thank Moldcell Foundation partners and friends for all the trust and support. Everything is just starting.”

All these to make Moldova a better place to live, accessible to everyone

Stay healthy, all together – #EverythingWillBeOk: Moldcell Foundation was launched when it was most needed. In the year when the entire world coped with Covid – 19. We didn’t remain indifferent and donated 10 lung vents for 8 hospitals in the country, minutes/free internet traffic for doctors, children, teachers, 5000 protective medical suits, daily lunches for medical staff during one year.

Grannies and the Internet: Popular inside the country and beyond its boundaries, the #LikeFromGrannies project focused on integrating the older people into the digital world. Thanks to the seminars, older people of Moldova learned how to pay bills online, use social networks, talk online with dear ones abroad, download useful applications or take photos/videos. They learned all this with the help of the Foundation’s volunteers and its partners, while this way we connected two generations with the purpose of more effective communication.

We combined digital and creative potential: A country is best promoted by what it creates. #MoldcellFoundation supports and promotes young people in the creative industries, so that they stay at home and work here. In this way, Moldcell Foundation expanded its partnership with COR Association and Artcor Center and became the first commercial partner of Artcor

Online child safety: The #InternetWithoutWorries project has traveled across the country physically and digitally with sessions dedicated to online safety for kids, teenagers, parents and teachers. We know that Internet should and can be a safe place!

Responsible Gaming: Moldcell and #MoldcellFoundation promote a balanced approach between video games, family relationships, school activities and mental health. To promote the healthy balanced approach, we organized online championships that involve healthy competition, responsible gaming and fun time with friends.

Promoting Sustainable Development Goals: Being part of CG Corp Global and inspired by the Chaudhary Foundation, in 2020, Moldcell was the first and only private company in Moldova to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with UN Moldova, in order to promote the SDGs: Education, health, environmental protection, culture, projects with a major impact on society.

Environmental protection: Moldcell Transport Manager – the solution that offers the possibility to create the optimal travel route. eSIM – the digital card that replaces the plastic one. For more than 3 years, Moldcell has not used reusable plastic bags, only from paper and canvas.

See in the video below how much your support matters to us.

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We thank all the partners who supported us: UNFPA, Keystone Moldova, HelpAge International, Artcor, COR Association.